AUT Women in Tech Student Scholarship

The aim of this scholarship is to:

  • Encourage engagement promote activities related to Women in Tech
  • Support and contribute in the events organized by Women in Tech
  • Act as role model to inspire counterpart peers
  • Participate in research activities defined by Women in Tech
  • Provide Critical Feedback to the mission, vision, and activities, developed and promoted by Women in Tech.

Mentoring and networking smoothing the path for women in tech

It is a lamentable and well-known fact that women are under-represented in the fields of engineering, technology, science, and mathematics.

These fields change the way we live – but they need more women and people of colour to help create new developments that serve all of society, not just a small segment.

Technological developments done without involving a diverse range of people can mean that biased technology develops – from health apps with no menstrual tracking features to artificial intelligence that doesn’t recognise darker skin tones and more.