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Who Are We

Women in Tech
AUT Women in Tech  is  currently led under Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh who aims to encourage and support women studying in STEM(Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics) courses by helping them develop networking skills and succeed in their field of study. Her team focus on bringing together driven women from different backgrounds and positions to form a tight community within the university and also get connected with women working in the industry.

AUT Women in Tech believes in equality. Our events are an open opportunity for all, regardless of background or gender, high school or professional. We invite all to work together to make a difference in the representation of women in STEM. 

Our Mission

Women are under-represented in the fields of engineering, technology, science, and mathematics. These fields change the way we live – but they need more women and people of colour to help create new developments that serve all of society, not just a small segment.

Our female students, staff and alumni are proving they can play key roles in these male-dominated fields. We also run programmes for high school and primary school students so we can inspire more girls to get into these fields.


Our Core values

We encourage students to continuously improve themselves and venture into other skills through the mentoring program so they can be equipped with knowledge in various areas in the STEM field.

We help females to learn techniques about engineering, technology, science, and mathematics.

We support women to learn knowledge. We help them discover their potential to improve themselves.