Industry Networking Event

Women in Tech have organized an industry networking event to allow students to be themselves, find their pathway, and connect and advocate for their best future. Scan the QR code on the poster to secure a spot in this amazing event!

Date : 1 April, 2022

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Place: Zoom (link available through registration / QR code)


Event Panellists:

Commander Kelly Jane Smith

Royal New Zealand Navy

Commander Kelly Jane Smith

Commander Kelly Smith joined the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) in 1998 as an Electronic Technician. She progressed through the ranks to Chief Petty Officer, the first female electronic technician to do so, commissioning to a General List (Weapon Engineering) Officer in 2007. Kelly continued with training and development, ashore and on HMNZ Ships, gaining both her Weapon Engineering Charge and Engineering Charge Qualifications.

In 2012, Kelly posted into the Logistics Command (Maritime) Organisation, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. She then posted into the Maritime Operational Evaluation Team (MOET) as the Fleet Damage Control Officer, achieving a milestone for the RNZN, as the first female in this position.

In 2016, Kelly posted into the Centre of Engineering, working for Babcock (NZ) Ltd as the Engineering Change Portfolio Manager. Kelly also studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Management.

Kelly was briefly posted as the Deputy Fleet Engineering Officer (Weapon Engineering), working within the Technical Seaworthiness Authority, and then was selected for the role as Personal Staff Officer to the Vice Chief of Defence Force within the NZDF Headquarters in Wellington.

In 2020, Kelly posted into the Naval Engineering Authority as the Principal Engineer – Combat Systems and more lately as the Deputy Chief Naval Engineer. Kelly has also become a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow through IMarEST.

On promotion to Commander, Kelly became the Assistant Chief Engineer as a placed military personnel in Babcock NZ Ltd. Kelly’s most recent role is as the Fleet Manager for the RNZNs Support Force. She is responsible for the MRO and E for HMNZS Aotearoa, Manawanui and Canterbury. Kelly is the only female engineer at this level in Babcock NZ Ltd.

Kelly lives in Milford. She likes to keep fit and enjoys walking her dog, swimming, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Sune Rogers

Strategy and Planning Manager at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Sune Rogers

Creative at heart, analytical by nature. I’m immensely intrigued by people and their unique differences. Differences that also form a common thread weaving us all together. I have an innate dislike for what I call ‘bucket’ words (sure, fine, like).

Studying Software Development proved to me that I needed creativity more than I realised, so after pursuing many different things from starting my own art business giving art classes, to writing… I finally came to the conclusion I needed both logic and creativity.

I have strong core values that I stand by and never underestimate my gut feeling…never. I believe we were designed with everything we need to explore, innovate, solve, create. We just need to listen a bit more to our own intuition and avoid the blurred images and truths so often presented to us as fact.

I love exploring the possibilities around optimisation of just about anything, and finding simple solutions to complex problems. I think communication is undervalued and most problems can be solved by doing it a bit more. We tend to forget that we should just speak to each other instead of making assumptions 😊.

I would not call myself a people person and find myself very comfortable in the quiet space of introversion, but for some reason, I am drawn to people and their personal growth. I’m always grateful to be included in their journeys, and am thankful that I too, leave with something new that I have learned.

I absolutely love what I do. The structure and discipline required to execute to plan, and the freedom and creativity to innovate and find ways to fill the gaps

Angela Batistich


Angela Batistich

Angela has an extensive career in the Financial Services Industry as a Technology Leader with a dynamic and constantly evolving approach. She is currently Tech Area Lead – Wholesale Technologies at ANZ and also a passionate supporter of Women in Technology, actively involved in various mentoring programmes and leadership forums.  For Angela being a Tech Leader is not just about the Technology, it’s about the people and the experiences and opportunities it provides to be vehicles of change beyond and above where we are today and into the future.

Jane Hwang


Jane Hwang

Jane is an IT leader with 20+ years of experience helping organisations make a difference for their people and customers using digital technology.

She has collaborated with many brilliant business & IT leaders on developing solutions for different industries throughout her career. She is a General Manager, Northern Region at Solnet