Mentorship Program

We encourage students to continously improve themselves and venture in other skills through mentoring program so they can be equipped with knowledge in various areas in the STEM field. The mentoring program aims to motivate and empower students, and help them resolving and reaching goals.


Mentoring is about creating a trusting and meaningful relationship

AUT’s Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies is supportive of its female tech students as the ratio of females studying engineering and computer science is low. Providing a mentoring programme supports this minority group; academics and industry professionals have volunteered their time and commitment to ensure AUT’s female tech students are supported.


  • Share faculty and university insight
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Assist mentees with setting development goals
  • Provide development feedback
  • Provide opportunities to meet and network with others.
  • Pass on success
  • Practice interpersonal and management skills
  • Expand their horizons
  • Recognition
  • Gain insight


  • Devote time to yourself
  • Willing to learn
  • Able to accept feedback
  • Willing to "stretch"
  • Ability to identify goals
  • Listening ear
  • Valuable insight
  • Understandings of strengths and opportunities for improvement 
  • Doors opened
  • Different perspectives

Our Mentors

We have a group of friendly and helpful mentors. To view our full list of mentors, click below!

Establish a mentoring agreement , Commit to partnership , Discuss "no-fault" termination , Have- monthly check-ups, Create a mentee's development plan
Mentor will use listening, coaching, career advising, and goals setting to help mentee on development goals, Expand available options, Explore referral resources, Build self-esteem, Evaluate each meeting

To know more about our mentorship programme or join as a mentor please email at: